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, to the latino community. notable he will be there as well. >> very interesting. thanks very, very much, jim acosta in littleton, colorado. >>> all right. this just coming in to cnn. the results of our brand new poll among latinos all over the united states. certainly one of the country's fastest growing and increasingly important groups of voters. look at this. it shows overwhelming support for president obama. he leads mitt romney 70% to 26% among likely latino voters. let's bring in our chief national correspondent john king joining us from denver, the site of the debate tomorrow night. john, you've taken a close look at these numbers. are there any nuggets in there that may be good for the romney campaign? because 70% of latinos saying they're likely to vote for the president of the united states, that's pretty bad for romney. >> reporter: wolf, i've scrubbed the numbers, looked at the cross tops and in a word, no, there is nothing encouraging for the romney campaign in the poll of likely latino voters. one way you judge an incumbent president, president obama, you ask people what do you
, the latino community." a direct quote from the president in that interview. meanwhile, republican challenger mitt romney is facing another distraction in the interview of abortion rights for women. cnn's national political correspondent jim acosta is with the romney campaign in reno, nevada. >> reporter: in what's now a horse race to the finish, mitt romney was rounding up votes in nevada and trying to stay on message on the economy. >> the president doesn't understand what it takes to get this economy going. he doesn't have a plan to get jobs for americans. i do. and that's why i'm going to win. >> reporter: romney's in the midst of a swing state blitz flying from colorado to nevada to iowa to ohio then back to iowa, back to ohio and then onto florida and virginia. >> this is that issue that every candidate for federal or state office -- >> reporter: but a new distraction cropped up where richard mourdock made jaws drop with his comments on why abortion should be outlawed in the case of rape. >> i came to realize life is that gift from god. and i think even when life begins in that horrible
an important voice. >> latinos, business owners and newer residents ready to deliver colorado's crucial nine electoral votes, they could decide who takes the white house. >> reporter: the president will be back in colorado next week. this time in conservative territory in colorado springs. both campaigns working incredibly hard. like everywhere else in the country, it does seem that it will come down to organization and that ground game and who can get the vote out. >> colorado clearly critically important. >>> now to another increasingly important presidential battleground. we're talking about the commonwealth of virginia. john king spent some time there talking to people and poll sters. >> if you look at the map miguel is in colorado that's one of the red states the president turned blue. if you lo at the map you see all this red. how did obama win last time? he woven it from all of them right here in fast growing northern virginia. >> reporter: urgency in a place once reliably red. >> this is the republican party in virginia. >> mitt romney's path to the white house runs through virginia
sanchewas part of history four years ago, urging latinos to help make barack obama president. it's different this time around. harder. >> some people are still very excited and others say, i don't know. well, i haven't made up my mind. >> reporter: less hype about the obama campaign this time, she says, and less hope about the candidate. >> it's a little bit harder because sometimes some of them say, well, i don't know who to vote for, these two evils. >> reporter: latinos were 13% of the vote in battleground colorado four years ago. and any dip in their support for the president or a drop in turnout could shift this classic swing state. >> this is one of his songs that's so moving and so powerful. >> reporter: evangelicals are to mitt romney what latinos are to barack obama. white evangelicals made up 23% of colorado's vote in 2008. >> think about life, think about liberty, think about character. and then cast your ballot. >> reporter: this pastor adds a plug to vote to every subd's sermon. >> the most surprising thing is the frustration of many of them with both candidates and the frustrat
among voting groups already leaning to the president, youth, latinos, union workers. three, woo undecided women including with this new ad. >> and it would be my preference that they reverse row v. wade. >> hopefully reverse row v. wade. >> reporter: and as for that endorsement from general powell, the president said he was grateful and appreciative of it. he had no advance notice it was coming. but after the general announced it, the president did call him and thank him for it. and he mentioned it here at a rally to the crowd saying it was a deep honor. and no doubt something of a boost to his campaign. wolf. >> no doubt about that. jessica, thank you. mitt romney is focusing in on one of the most critical states for him no republican has ever won the white house without carrying ohio. and that's where the gop nominee is campaigning nonstop on this day. our national political correspondent jim acosta's with the romney campaign in worthington, ohio, right now. what's the very latest, jim? >> reporter: wolf, mitt romney just wrapped up a campaign event here in the columbus area.
a demographic story there. the democrats say the adult latino citizen population has grown 39% since 2008 and they've worked for the last four years to really register those voters and get them to turn out for the democrats. so that it could be a firewall if romney runs the table with florida, north carolina, virginia, colorado and new hampshire, then obama has to hold wisconsin and ohio and win either nevada or iowa. so that to me looks like the sort of division right now. those first states i mentioned, those are the states where romney has really done well since the first debate. so you could see nevada as a firewall if obama keeps his lead in wisconsin and ohio. >> thanks very much. don't forget, 7:00 p.m. eastern monday night, our coverage begins, the third and final presidential debate. stay with cnn for that. >>> september's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi has become a major issue. we're going to go over what really happened. (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. i have a cold, and i t
that we've got the latino locked up, we've got the women locked up we can then throw latina women over whelmingly the domestic workers under the bus. jerry brown should not have vetoed that bill. it's democrats taking advantage of the fact that right now latinos and women don't feel they can go to the republican party. the sickness in the republican party on these issues is -- jerry brown should be ashamed of himself. >> don't you think that's a broader pattern in the democratic party? >> it could be. >> you have social issues a lot of places are trumping economic issues. even in new york andrew cuomo maybe signed the bill you're describing, but when cuomo wants to shore up his base, he does gaye marriage and when he wants to come to the marriage, this is something economic liberals should be concerned about that social liberalism is sort of the only liberalism that really matters. >> and i'm delighted that van brought jerry brown up. one, i think van is right. the democratic party does take advantage of its constituencies. i would argue it's taken advantage of latinos for a long time.
and virginia let's say he wins iowa. if he doesn't win colorado with the latino vote significant, it's hard to see him winning nevada where the latino vote is huge, but he would have to win nevada. that would get him to 260. so you have to get 11 more here. you could do that with wisconsin and new hampshire. so he could win without winning colorado or ohio. the question is that i just showed you it's mathematically possible the question is is it ied logically plausible in the sense here 18 traditional more republican dna when it comes to presidential politics. it's very hard to see mitt romney is losing ohio but winning wisconsin and iowa. these are more democratic states if you will in dna. so if president obama is winning here, history tells you he's most likely winning one or both of these. is it possible? yes. is it plausible? >> all of us are going to be doing a lot of contortions looking at this magic wall. gloria, wrap it up for us. where does it stand right now? >> it's hard to say. john was talking a moment ago about the question of momentum. who's got the momentum
'll tell you as a latino on cnn talking about being pro-romney, i get a lot of hate myself. stacey, stick to your guns, speak your mind. be true to yourself. people have died so we have the freedom to speak our mind and to vote our will. it was martin luther king jr.'s dream, the reason john lewis got beat up. be yourself. vote your conscience. and, folks, we are a nation of tolerance and we value diversity and different opinions. >> that's great advice. now plug your twitter so you can get more criticism. how can people reach you? >> @pete dom nic. >> i think biden is way cooler and going to get the youth vote. i think where biden differentiates himself tomorrow is showing how he's worked in a bipartisan way naming all the different times as a senator, a vp, that he's worked specifically with republicans to get things done. i think that's where obama differentiates himself also. i think romney and ryan are going too much partisanship. i think the one who wins the independent is a candidate. i'm really going to work with people and i've done it as vp, president and senator. >> i so hope w
areas predominantly african-american or latino. >> reporter: the billboards have been popping up in cities in ohio and wisconsin. 85 in milwaukee, 30 in columbus, another 30 in cleveland and 31 in cincinnati. protests started almost as soon as they went up demanding the signs come down. >> this billboard is nothing but a symbol of pure unadulterated suppression to target an african-american community. >> reporter: the two advertising companies that sold the space, clear channel and norton outdoor, say the buyer was not out to target minorities. >> there was no request for any specific demographic target at all. they wanted the best locations they could get for those four weeks leading up to the election. >> reporter: the bigamist ri is who's behind them? the billboard itself does not tell. it reads paid for by a private family foundation. and neither company will say who that is. after declining an on camera interview, here's what clear channel wrote to cnn. "the advertiser put into the contract to remain anonymous. it is our policy to require advertisers including political adve
is that good for president obama? given the president's support among african-americans, latinos and other voters, governor romney needs to keep the president to 37%, no more than 38% of the white vote. if the president's cracking 47% of the white vote, that's a formula for an obama victory. and where are the key big battleground states? there are several in the midwest. ohio, iowa, wisconsin. look at the race in the midwest. obama, 52%, romney, 43%. the president is winning that part of the country. out west in denver, colorado, nevada, among the battlegrounds out here in the west. ten-point lead in the west for the president. 54% to 44%. the white vote and if you look regionally, there are things that give the president's team some optimism. >> if you're the romney campaign looking at these new poll numbers, what should give the romney folks some optimism? >> reporter: one of the reasons we are back in a closer race, a statistical dead heat nationally f you go state by state, it's a little different, this number, governor romney has improved his standing among independents. he leads by e
like to pull back. >> all of us. >> same with latinos, he'd like to pull back having offered he was going to do immigration reform in the first year a promise that he's broken. >> but, you know what, he's doing pretty good with -- he's pushing the dream act, a lot of things favorable to the hispanic community. guys, it's just math. right now in the polling obama's at 70% with hispanics. you and i both know republican party long-term cannot be a sustainable party if they're losing hispanic -- >> what would the numbers be if jeb bush was the candidate? >> you're absolutely right. >> let us not forget that just one president removed we had a republican in the white house with 44% of hispanic vote. >> that was part of the tea party. >> if the dream act was so important, where was he the first two years when he had super majority in congress. >> he was trying to get the unemployment rate to 7.8%. >> we can go back and look at that and who tried hard and what stood in what person's way and talk about it. right now we have to take a quick break. and when we come back everybody on the p
to get the african-american turnout, the latino turnout and trying to recreate the magic among young voters. again, this is 2008. do the math. that's 34-point advantage for president obama among voters age 18 to 29 coming into october look at this governor romney was closer, just 25 points. the president's trying to recreate the 2008 numbers. this is still a lopsided advantage for president obama but not as big as 2008. wolf, this election is so close. that's what we're going to watch. in an election on the margins can governor romney cut into the president's support among those younger voters. can african-american turnout perhaps a little down. so in the final 20 days where they spend and where they go is something to keep a very close eye on. >> the immediate goal for both of these candidates less than three weeks to go is what virginia, ohio, florida, that could be the ball game right there. >> it could be. you're going to see them play in all of these nine states. you're going to see them play in all these states. vice president biden out today for example in the state of colorad
about here? there's one of everything, okay, woman. latino, african-american. >> there's two copies at the table. hold on a second, van. you guys take a moment. >> i have seen more detail in a skin care infomercial. >> on that note, we're going to talk -- we're going to read through this a little bit more and talk about what ana just said. and next our panel is going to give some unsolicited advice to some very unsuspecting targets. we'll be right back. plus prese. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose. thanks. [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! [ male announcer ] try new alka-seltzer plus severe allergy to treat allergy symptoms plus sinus congestion and pain. [ male announcer ] try new alka-seltzer plus sever
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)